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Live Interview with Viña Errázuriz Head Winemaker Francisco Baettig

April 29, 2020

VINTUS Live virtually traveled to the vineyards of Chile to speak with Viña Errázuriz Head Winemaker Francisco Baettig. As part of the candid discussion, we learned about the 2020 harvest […]

Errázuriz: The Experts’ Choice

April 17, 2020

In the decade since the landmark 2004 Berlin tasting, Errázuriz Landmark wines have continued to receive their worthy critical acclaim.

Errázuriz: 2004 Berlin Tasting

April 17, 2020

Proprietor of Errázuriz, the legendary Eduardo Chadwick, recalls the monumental 2004 Berlin tasting that established Chilean wines as icon wines that upheld the ultimate standards in consistency and aging potential.

Update from Eduardo Chadwick, President of Viña Errázuriz

April 8, 2020

Eduardo Chadwick sends a personal message from Santiago, Chile. View the quick video where Eduardo expresses his support for the global wine community and discusses the processes in place at […]


August 14, 2019

History of winery.

Errázuriz Video

March 28, 2019

Overview of Vina Errazuriz.

Errázuriz Don Maximiano Video

August 10, 2018

Experience the remarkable history of Vina Errazuriz including an in-depth look at the flagship wine, Don Maximiano.

Aerial view of Vina Errázuriz

August 9, 2018

Explore the remarkable vineyards of Vina Errazuriz, including the prized sites along the coast.